Love U Before you love ME


Goodmorning on this wonderful Wednesday. I really like this pic. Because it sat a lot we as women are beautiful as we are be it short tall curvy or thin we are all winners and beautiful. I thought that being skinny i would be happy ppl would love me and that the world would be different……..errrrrr rude awakening. (I lost over 120 poun) and guess what i was more unhappy then in all my life .                
    Meaning all the thing i thought would be different was not. It was hard to find close that i really like and thought were cute.  Ppl would say you looks so good know as if i dint before. And the icing on the cake men didnt want to date anymore they just to hit and move on. I didnt like the skinny world so i told my self and i prayed .that i didnt care the size i just want to be happy. And you know what know i am .i back round and plump and love it and my self and trying to be healthy to. For me i been a big gurl all my life i was a plump juicy baby so it was just meant for me !!! And i happy the way god made me so before you can love anybody or thing you have to live self!!!! Be blessed

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