Sunny days


What a lovely day we had in Atl yesterday. It was nice warm out and breezy. So i had all black and my #thrifted neon twill blazer for a pop of color.i like the details in the blazer it is lined in leather which really makes it edgy!
          The story behind this blazer is i find this blazer one night at my local goodwill and walked with just loved it. When it was time ti check out i talked ny self out of the blazer and put back!! I know what was i thinking the next morning i couldn’t stop thinkin about it so i hurried back the store to see if was still there. And it was me doing my happy dance . (thrifting101 always go with your first mind). I was so glad it was there. That the thing with thrifting you cant back as if it a retail store where ther plenty of the same things. It a hit miss could of thing. I put somthing back came back and it was gone. So if you really love it and have to have it BUY IT LOL!!!   

Thrifted blazer
Vintage earring
Thrifted kate and kelly bag
Thrifted see thur top


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